How to change the publication cover image

While working in a digital environment, it's always good to provide visual material related to your publication! The easiest way to do so is by setting a cover image. Here you will learn how to manage a publication's preview image.

Either if you already linked an archive resource or not to your entry, let's take a look at how to manage your preview images:

Choose a cover images from linked scans

  1. Click on add preview image. An overlay with all the items from the linked archive resource will be displayed. Select the image you want to set as the new cover image and confirm your selection. 
    Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 16.37.48


Change an existing cover image

  1. Click on Change preview image. An overlay with all the items from the linked archive resource will be displayed.
  2. Select the image you want to set as the new preview image and confirm you choice. 


Select a cover image, without linking scans

  1. Click on + Add Preview Image. An overlay to select a resource will be displayed.

    Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 16.12.18
  2. Select first the archive resource containing the item you want to set as the preview imageConfirm your choice by clicking on Select.
  3. Select the preview image you want. After clicking on Select your chosen image will be displayed as the preview image. 

If you link additional scans later, this previous cover image will be removed and replaced with one form the newly connected scans.

Now you're all set to work on your publication preview images. If you want to further complete your publication entry you may enjoy a look at: