How to structure multi-level publications

Publications can take various forms in the platform. This article explains how individual publication types are linked and hierarchically structured.

There are two basic types of publications: stand-alone publications and publications that are part of a higher-level publication. Stand-alone publications include dissertations and monographs. Essays in collective publications, articles in journals, or books as part of a multi-volume publication series exemplify publications that are part of a higher-level publication. 

While publications such as monographs stand on their own, articles and book series are part of a hierarchical structure. The following example illustrates this hierarchy: 

The journal "La revue indépendante" appeared at regular intervals. It is, therefore, a periodical. Each issue published under this title is part of this periodical. Each issue has its own volume or issue number and a publishing date, distinguishing it from previous and subsequent issues. Various articles are published in each issue. The articles differ from each other by page number, author, and title. 

Example for the publication hierarchy of a periodical:

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 12.12.48

A multi-volume book series has a similar hierarchical structure. The books may have all been published at the same time or staggered in time and are distinguished by their volume number. The book series on van Gogh's complete collection of letters has three volumes exemplifies a multi-volume book series. The book series represents the parent publication of the three related volumes. Each volume represents the child publication of the book series and the parent publication of each article/chapter published in the book. 

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 12.12.59

On the platform, related publications, if known, should be recorded and linked to each other. This way, the publication entry appears complete and correct. The display of the bibliography varies with the publication type and is based on the Chicago Manual of Style. To ensure correct display, it is important to enter the information at the appropriate publication level. For example, the issue number should only be entered in the issue entry, not in the article or periodical entry. The publication reference of an article that was published in a periodical may look like this:

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.39.30

Now that you know all the hierarchical levels of publications, check out the tutorial about how to create a publication.